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Mirna Eads

State Representative of Campbell County

For the People           For the Constitution

Mirna is a patriot American of the Republican Party. She believes in restoring our country and protecting our freedoms and our rights. We have to start at the city level, the county level state level to bring our country back together as a whole.


In the Press

Mirna Eads is constantly receiving media coverage for all that she has been fighting for. Check out the links below:


Mirna Eads Gets a Shout out from members of the Community




Bulldog Media TV interviews Mirna Eads


Long before the Campaign started

I am committed and dedicated to fight for your rights and freedoms. I am a woman of action not just words:

I fought against the Summit Curriculum in the Boone County school system:

I have fought to protect our children’s privacy online and also to protect Teacher’s jobs against online curriculaum platforms:

I have fought to ensure our students safety while in school and notification of parents:

I have attended many protests to protect employees, healthcare workers and the public against vaccine mandates around the Tri state this past fall: St Elizabeth, P&G, GE, Good Samaritan, Christ Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and schools who were hosting vaccine clinics for children.

And I will continue to fight for you!


Issues We Face

Dedicated to Problem Solving


This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Why is sexual content being discussed in schools?

Why is Critical Race Theory being taught?

We need to focus on the important subjects- Reading, Writing, Math and Cursive. Kentucky schools are falling behind.

Students need to know how to be financially responsible by the time they leave high school. They need to know what options they have and know they can achieve their dreams.

We need to better prepare our children for life and careers once they leave mom and dad.

School Bus & Children

Health Care

I have been an RN for 22 years. Healthcare is very difficult and challenging, yet a rewarding career, but 2020 brought its own set of challenges with Covid. We fought against long hours, time away from friends and family, and PPE shortages. Healthcare workers were seen as heroes, then in 2021 the Government overreached its power and mandated a vaccine for a virus that has a 98.9% recovery rate, healthcare workers were faced with an ultimatum- take the vaccine or lose their job. Overnight, we went from hero to zero. These mandates are unconstitutional.


The Economy

The lockdowns of 2020 hurt small businesses while big businesses flourished and made billions in profits.

Inflation is at an all-time high.

Taxes are going up and wages do not reflect the cost of living.

While the government wants to know every transaction you make over $600, where is their accountability to all the wasted money they are spending in those ridiculous bills? Why are the rich getting richer, especially in times of crisis while the working class is struggling just to live and provide for their families?



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